Launching Offbeat Socks Collaborations

Launching Offbeat Socks Collaborations

Here at The Offbeat Sock Company®, we are inspired by likeminded brands who have made it their mission to be unique.

We started to think about how we could help our brother and sister brands become more offbeat. Offbeat Socks Collaborations was born!

We will be working with unique brands to bring our collaborations to life and continue to show the world what it means to Live Life Offbeat.

When deciding who to partner with first, we needed someone who truly understood the value of being different. So, without further a due it’s time to Rock Out with your Sock Out® as we share with you all our inaugural collaboration with our good friends KAIJU! Beer.

What better partners to collaborate with then a phenomenal brand whose name Kaiju literally means “Strange Creature”?

The Offbeat Socks x KAIJU! Beer 'Krush' socks are a phenomenal addition to the KAIJU! Beer merchandise line, and we cannot wait to bring you more designs. Who do you want to see next?

Offbeat Socks x KAIJU! Beer

We have some big plans in stall for this offering and cannot wait to launch a wide variety of collaborations with a varied selection of our friends to market.

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