What’s the difference between combed cotton and regular cotton?

All "The Offbeat Sock Company" socks are manufactured using combed cotton. Combed cotton is softer than regular cotton because it doesn't have any impurities or short protruding threads.

It is stronger than regular cotton because the combing process removes short fibres, which are prone to breakage. After combing, the straightened fibres join more tightly, leading to less fraying and unravelling.

These benefits plus the additional work required during the manufacturing process makes combed cotton far more luxurious than regular cotton.

It is for these reasons that The Offbeat Sock Company® choose to manufacture with the highest quality materials.


What are The Offbeat Sock Company masks made of?

Our masks comprise of two 100% cotton inner layers to limit skin irritation and a spandex outer layer to allow greater stretch and fit.


Are The Offbeat Sock Company socks unisex?

The Offbeat Sock Company® prides ourselves on diversity, after all we honestly believe you are unique. As such, our socks are unisex.

We design, create and manufacturer with such specific blends (80% combed cotton, 15% Nylon, 5% spandex) that it allows for a broad yet fitting sizing structure.

One Size Fits Most

AUS 7.5-11.5 // US 8-12 // EU 41-46


How to best care for my "The Offbeat Sock Company" sock collection.

Our material composition, quality control and design standards are paramount to the team at The Offbeat Sock Company™.

Your sock composition of 80% Combed Cotton, 15% Nylon, 5% Spandex is the result of a rigorous testing process to ensure the very best in quality control.

With such a specific composition we recommend that when caring for your Offbeat Sock collection you follow the below guidelines:

· Washing in a temperature of 40°C/104°F

· Turn your socks inside out when washing

· Allow the garments to drip dry

· Do not bleach

· Do not tumble dry

For optimal longevity of your socks we recommend washing them in our Official Offbeat Sock Wash Bag to better protect the high-quality standards of your garments.

If you take the time to care for your collection then the socks will reward you by giving you a longer lasting product and in turn more time to show that you indeed do Live Life Offbeat™.


How to best care for my "The Offbeat Sock Company" Face Mask collection

To best care for your Offbeat face masks, hand wash using tap water and laundry detergent, rinse thoroughly to remove detergent residue and hang to air dry or alternatively leave them to soak in your offbeat Socks laundry bag, rinse thoroughly and air dry.


What future designs are you planning?

At The Offbeat Sock Company® our design team is working towards building an extensive catalogue of exclusive socks to enable all tastes to Live Life Offbeat.

Our designs are original and will continue to focus on our principal brand message - that you are unique.

Our current and future designs will continue to focus on your uniqueness, with the aim of increasing and broadening our creative styles so you can be proud to Rock Out With Your Sock Out.  

Please follow us on all social media channels and join our mailing list to be kept up to date with the most recent information and designs as soon as it is announced.

We value your opinions and would love to hear your design suggestions so please feel free to contact us at info@offbeatsocks.com.au


Any plans to release more mask designs?

Absolutely, not only are we planning on releasing our face masks to match our whole sock line, but we are developing some design that will be specific to just our masks. Please feel free to reach out to us on info@offbeatsocks.com.au if you have any design suggestions.


Where will future pop up locations be?

The team at The Offbeat Sock Company® is working tirelessly to ensure we can provide all our loyal customers the opportunity to visit one of our exclusive Pop-up locations.

Please follow us on all social media channels and join our mailing list to be kept up to date with the most recent information as soon as it is announced.