Introducing the 'Icon Series'

Introducing the 'Icon Series'

Here at the Offbeat Sock Company, we are incredibly excited to launch our highly anticipated Icon Series. 

We wanted to create a line that pays tribute to the iconic characters that not only helped shape our childhoods but display the values and ideals of what it means to Live Life Offbeat.

We can all select a moment in time when a character’s art has had an effect of us, whether it be watching the release of a Hollywood movie on the big screen as a kid, seeing your favourite sports star accomplish feats you never thought possible or the unexplained feeling you get in your chest when a song lyric from your favourite artist feels like it was written and speaks just to you.

Our Icon Series is a celebration of these characters, moments, and feelings.

It is an opportunity to proudly express the effect that their art has had on your world.

We do not celebrate Icons for who they are, more so for what they inspire in us.

The right Icon can make you believe anything is possible, they show that there is something special to being different, unique, and offbeat.

Our Icon series pays respect to their life’s work, as with all things Offbeat Socks, we believe the unique should be celebrated.

Please join us in saluting these icons and take the opportunity to Rock Out with your Sock Out this season.

We kick of our Icon Series with these Jabroni-beatin', pie-eatin', Hell-raisin', trailblazin', people's champ of socks, Dwayne 'The Sock' Johnson.

Dwayne The Sock Johnson
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