What Does Your Face Mask Say About You?

What Does Your Face Mask Say About You?

Who could have predicted that face masks would have become an essential part of our modern lives, much like your wallet, keys, and phone, you can’t imagine now leaving home without one?

Just like the clothes your wear there is a mask in every colour tone, so to help you all make the best decision we have been exploring the psychology behind what your face mask says about you.

There is a great deal of evidence which suggests that your clothing plays a vital role in interpersonal communication. The styles we choose to wear are dictated by a host of factors including our mood, our culture, and our interests, all of which reveal aspects of our identity.

Much like our sock choice, research has shown that we interpret a lot about a person’s character and personality from their mask choice.

Here are a range of perceptions that people associate with certain colour tones that can inform your choice of reusable mask.

Blue Tones - One of the most popular colour tones for face masks, blue represents peace and calmness, both of which are welcome in times of uncertainty. If you choose a mask with blue shades, you’re probably a person that knows how to keep their cool in dire situations.

Green Tones - Green represents a down to earth personality that’s easy going and fully connected with themselves and the planet and you enjoy spending time outdoors with nature.

Black Tones - Black tones can take many forms when it comes to personality. Often seen as mysterious just as much as it is mournful, they can also convey authority and confidence.

Yellow Tones - Arguably the happiest colour of the rainbow, yellow tones give off an abundance of friendly and positive energy.

Purple Tones - Often considered the colour of royalty or exploration, purple can be a fun colour tone to ramp up your face mask wardrobe.

Pink Tones - No longer a colour just for girls, pink tone face masks are bringing fun and whimsy to the whole concept of creative masks.

No matter which designs you choose our Offbeat Face Masks aim to combine as many colour tones as possible to fit your personality.

Love them or hate them, Face Masks are not going away any time soon, so we may as well have fun with them, like all things Offbeat, let’s celebrate being unique.


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