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What does your sock choice say about you?

There are typically two views on socks, the majority thinking that they are a necessity, in which case you choose something like black, blue or grey, however, there is an alternative view that believes they are a window to the way you can show off your individuality, personality and non-conformed attitudes. 

A new study has found that the offbeat and unique socks you choose to wear not only say a lot about you, but also say a lot about how people see you.

Conformity is something many of us live our lives by, so when someone doesn’t conform to the norms of society and choose to live their lives offbeat, they can be perceived as peculiar, bizarre and a bit crazy, such is our need to dismiss the unfamiliar.

Despite our conforming attitudes, a recent study investigated the theory that people who are nonconformists can potentially be viewed as being more high status and more competent than those who conform to social norms.

So, what does this say about your choice of wearing donut, burger, Ice cream or dinosaur socks? Well, it found people who have shown to deliberately choose to wear wacky socks, are seen as having increased status and competency in the eyes of others. In other words, people have the potential to see you as more creative, bold and successful.

Think of the corporate businessman dressed in an expensive suit only for his clients to catch a flash of his bright green pizza socks. It doesn’t exactly conform, but the boldness of the choice shows him to be deliberately rebellious and proud.

Plain black socks allow us to hide ourselves into the background of social norms, but when we choose a pair of offbeat socks, we are showing off our uniqueness, confidence and freedom of choice. This bold choice is turning our backs on conformists’ attitudes of the many around us.

If you are drawn to fun and unique socks, then go out and embrace them. Celebrate being an individual, an outcast, a free thinker and a misfit. Not only will this be an avenue to protest your nonconformity, but a vessel to show the people around you that you choose your own path, that you live your life offbeat.

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