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What's the difference between Cotton vs Combed Cotton?

Here at The Offbeat Sock Company®, we pride ourselves on the high quality, unique designs and overall appeal of each one of our products.

One of the things that set our socks apart from other brands is the choice to manufacture in combed cotton as opposed to the more traditional standard cotton.

Combed cotton is softer and of a higher quality than standard cotton. This is due to the process it undergoes prior to manufacturing to remove any impurities and short protruding threads.

First, the cotton is carefully harvested and cleaned and then it is carded and combed. Carding separates the individual cotton fibres and runs them in the same direction by passing them between moving surfaces.

The cotton is then combed using fine, combing brushes which pull out the shorter fibres and impurities.

The remaining cotton fibres are the longest and straightest ones, and once woven, produce a much smoother and higher quality fabric as the straightened fibres join more tightly, leading to less fraying and unravelling.

As the fibres are longer they are stronger and less likely to break leading to a longer life of the product, this is why we have chosen to manufacture in combed cotton, as the overall quality of our products is paramount so we can give our customers the best opportunity to Live Life Offbeat.

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