Ugly Christmas Sweater Festive Socks

Ugly Christmas Sweater Festive Socks

An “Ugly Christmas sweater” is any Christmas themed sweater that could be considered in bad taste, tacky or overly festive.

The consensus is that the more details including reindeers, Santa clauses, presents, candy canes etc, the “uglier” the sweater.

Its hard to say who invented the first “ugly Christmas sweater” however like many wonderful things that encourage our designs at Offbeat Socks, we do know it was inspired by the 1980s.

As a clothing item, “ugly” sweaters were often featured on situation comedies in the 1980s.

They were mostly cardigans, buttoned down the front with the Christmas theme entering around the same time, with the first mass-produced Christmas garments being made under the name of "jingle bell sweaters" during the 1980s as well.

Its only because of ever changing fashion trends that sweaters once deemed acceptable are now considered “ugly”.

We did not want to let our trans-Atlantic friends enjoying their Festive Season in winter months to have all the fun.

This is what has inspired our “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Socks.

We all know an Australian Christmas is typically no place for a sweater however we have provided these perfect solutions.

Whether it be an unreal stocking filler or a perfect addition to that Christmas outfit, these Limited-Edition beauties will not disappoint.

What better way to Live Life Offbeat this festive season than kicking back with a couple of Egg Nogs and displaying your festive spirit this Christmas with our “Lets Get Blitzened” and “Rebel without a Clause” Christmas socks.

Dot miss this opportunity to Rock Out with your Sock Out this festive season.


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