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      It’s time to Rock Out with your Sock Out® as we share with you all our inaugural collaboration with our good friends KAIJU! Beer.

      Here at The Offbeat Sock Company, we support, encourage, and represent the dreamers, the innovators, the outcasts, the misfits, the creators, the free thinkers, the unique, the unconventional, the bold and the rebellious.

      We believe you are unique.

      What better partners to collaborate with then a phenomenal brand whose name Kaiju literally means “Strange Creature”?

      The legends at KAIJU! beer have some truly amazing beer characters however we chose to launch this series with our favourite, Krush!

      Let us know who do you want to see next?

      It’s time to sit back and enjoy a KAIJU! Krush tropical Pale Ale in your new Krush Socks – Never has there been a better time to Live Life Offbeat.

      Offbeat Socks x KAIJU! - Kaiju Krush