Our top 10 Dad jokes about socks, just in time for Fathers Day

Our top 10 Dad jokes about socks, just in time for Fathers Day

What's a better gift to accompany a pair of Offbeat Socks then beating dad at his own game? Here at The Offbeat Sock Company, we have compiled a list of our top ten dad jokes about socks, just in time for Father’s Day.


1. What did the hat say to the sock? - I’ll go on ahead, you go on foot

2. What do you call a bear with no socks on? - Barefoot

3. My friend kept going on about what they should do with their new spare drawer. I told them to put a sock in it

4. I bumped into a friend at the store and he asked, “Why are you wearing one red and one black sock? I said, “I’m not sure, but I have another pair like this at home.”

5. Who is the most famous philosopher to wear socks? - Sockrates

6. I used to have a few jokes about pairs of matching socks, but I’ve lost one.

7. What do you call a financier with a hole in their sock? - A sock broker.

8. Why are socks always separating? Because one of them always must be right, so the other one left.

9. The pain of losing a sock is… unpairable.

 10. Did you hear who they cast in the new 'Shoe-Manji?' movie? - Dwanye 'The Sock' Johnson!


Happy Father’s Day to all the Offbeat Socks dads out there, from the team at The Offbeat Sock Company.

We poke fun, but things would just not be the same without the occasional dad joke. Enjoy the day and be sure to Rock Out with your Sock Out.

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